Salaries Of Council of State members in Ghana 2022

By | January 7, 2023
Salaries Of Council of State members in Ghana 2022

Salaries Of Council of State members in Ghana 2022

For every successful ruling or governance, there is a body that propels ideas to smoothly run affairs.

Who is A Council Of State Member?

The Council of State is a body that comprises prominent citizens who have served in key sectors of governance (Ex- Officio Members) and able Council of Elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

What is The Legal Status Of Council Of State Members?

The council of state has legal backing from Articles 89 to 92 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana: “ There must be a Council of State to counsel the President in the performance of his functions”

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What are the composition of the Members Of the Council Of State?

The Council of State includes the former Chief Justice, a former Chief of the Defence Staff and a former Inspector General of Police, and the President of the National House of Chiefs. Each region of Ghana also has an elected representative.
The President, by the legal powers also appoints eleven (11) members.
Their term in office ends with the President.

What are the roles or duties of the Council of State

The Council of State meets four times a year and is also called to meet at the request of the president. The Council of State shares thoughts on national issues and perhaps votes on certain decisions, especially regardththeng the sale of national property or borrowing of money.

Salary of the Council of State in Ghana

It is an honor to be a member of the Council of State as they receive a juicy monthly take-home with other benefits. Each member receives a whooping amount of GH∁26,266.00. This means that a total of thirty-one (31) Council of State Members shall receive GH∁ 26,266.00 for ×31 members.

In conclusion, the Council of State as stated by the constitution functions for the development of the nation (Ghana).

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