Salaries of Custom Officers In Ghana

Salaries of Custom Officers In Ghana

Salaries of Custom Officers In Ghana

Ghana Customs Service Officers in Ghana earn a nice salary at the end of every working calendar.

How much is Ghana customs salary?

In Ghana, the Import Customs Specialist is paid an estimated salary of GH¢ 3,190.00 monthly. From a salary range perspective, the lowest salary per month is GH¢1,690.00 and the highest is GH¢4,840.00

What are the benefits of Customs Service?

In addition to their average monthly salary, they are entitled to benefits like housing, transport, and other benefits.

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A chunk of Ghana Customs Service workers including their border inspectors receive a monthly in the range of GH¢703.00 GH¢4,52.00considering 2022 border inspectors, take a salary between GH¢703.00 and GH¢2,110.00 when they start their job with the service.


The Ghana Customs Service is also backed by PNDC Law 144 for taking the responsibilities of providing the public with security, working and mobilizing revenue from the movement of goods (exports and Imports), & legitimately facilitating trade.


It is the sole responsibility of Customs Excise and Preventive Service to supervise and take due revenues from exports and imports at their strstrategicallyunted checkpoints.

The departments under the auspices of CEPS are tasked with working and bringing tlivefe their primary objectives.

The responsibility of the Ghana Customs Service can not be executed by only the head(s). A collaborative team with focus must be employed to mobilize what the service is tasked to work on.

Departments have been created and positioned at strategic points in the country. The departments are ‘installed’ at vantage points across all the ends.

How do CEPS collect revenue?


The departments are Ports Operations, Preventive Unit, Post Clearance Unit, Mining Operations, Petroleum Operations, and the Suspense Regimes.

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