Salaries Of Tv Presenters In Ghana

Salaries Of Tv Presenters In Ghana

Salaries Of Tv Presenters In Ghana

As established by the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana to have an independent media, this comes in state own or private.

Who is a television (Tv) presenter?

A Tv presenter is a person who introduces or hosts television programs, often serving as a mediator for the program and the audience. Nowadays, it is common for people who have made a name in other fields to take on this role, but some people have made their name solely within the field of presenting-such as children’s television series or infomercials, to become television presenters.

Jobs with Highest Salary in Ghana

Roles of Tv presenters in Ghana

  • Researches topics and background information for items to be featured on the program.
  • plans and rehearsal of shows
  • writes and sometimes mememorizescripts.
  • liaises with other members of the production and technical team
  • introduces and hosts programs.
  • interviews guests in the studio, by telephone, or on location

Some presenters may double as an actor or actresses, models, singers, comedians, etc. Others may be subject matter experts, such as politicians, and nutritionists, serving as a presenter.

How much do Tv Presenters receive per month?

Being a presenter has many opportunities: one becomes a brand ambassador, a master of ceremony(MC) in all important ceremonies, etc. Again they become widely known perhaps serving as role models to their viewers and listeners.
Aside from all those opportunities, they receive a monthly salary which is dependent on the space, being a government or private owners. These salaries also vary based on one’s rank in the job.
A sizeable amount between GHS 1,213.00 to GHS 2,842.00 per month for those working as news anchors and GHS 5,000.00 to GHS 10,000.00 per month for those who feature in other sectors.

To conclude, one aspiring to become a Tv presenter must be knowledgeable, have excellent verbal communication, active in listening, be flexible and open to change, have concentration skills, and can use initiative.

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