Salaries Of Pharmacists in Government Hospitals

Salaries Of Pharmacists in Government Hospitals

Salaries Of Pharmacists in Government Hospitals

Pharmacists are paid based on qualifications and work experience and the latter determines the sequence in which your salary rises. The salary cap may also differ depending on the country or location of the job.

Who Are Pharmacists?

They are also known as chemists. Pharmacists are health professionals who prepare, preserve and prescribe medications or drugs to patients.
Aside from that, they give expert advice on how to use the drugs and the side effects that may come with them for the benefit of the patient.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Pharmacist?

For one to be called a Pharmacist, he or she must go through the following processes;

  1. You must complete a four-year degree course in biology and medicinal chemistry.
  2. You must take a test in Pharmacy College Admission (PCAT).
  3. You then apply for a pharmacy school to enroll for your doctoral degree (PHARM D) which must be approved by the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy.
  4. Depending on state licensing requirements, you must complete an internship program in pharmacy practice.
  5. You must pass two licensure exams as required by the government.
  6. As part of the licensure, you will be required to continue practicing Pharmacy education and also professional development studies.

How Long Can You Study to Become A Pharmacist?

It can take one six (6) to eight (8) years after completing Senior High School to become a Pharmacist. It could take a little longer if one wishes to specialize in a specific area in the pharmacy job.
An example when you want to become a hospital Pharmacist, you need to enroll for an additional year or two.

Where Do Pharmacists Work?

They do work in hospital pharmacies, clinical pharmacies, consultant pharmacies, grocery stores, and other health care centers.

Are Pharmacists Doctors?

Normally, we do not refer to them as doctors but in fact, they are indeed doctors. A doctor with a pharmacy degree can administer drugs and immunize patients just as medical doctors.

Salaries Pharmacists Working in Government Hospitals

As said earlier, the salary depends mainly on work experience and it determines the progression in the salary cap. There are three (3) stages in the Salary Progression Program (SPP) with their salary caps. They are;

• Entry stage (0 – 2 years) GHC 3000.00 – GHC 3500.00

• Mid-stage (2 – 5 years) GHC 3500.00 – GHC 5000.00

• Experienced stage (5 years and above) GHC 5000.00 – GHC 9000.00

It is important to note that location can influence the salary structure.

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