2022 Salary Increment In Ghana For All Workers

2022 Salary Increment In Ghana For All Workers

2022 Salary Increment In Ghana For All Workers

Workers have been assured of salary increment in 2022 by the lawful authority at the conference.

At the 6th Quadrennial National Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations Hon. Ignatius Baffuor Awah disclosed that public sector workers will receive an increment of 7% in their 2022 salary.

What was the salary increment in 2021?

The government of Ghana last year paid public workers or/ employees under a 4% increment in salary.

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Due to the unsatisfied and inappropriate increment of salary making reference to last year, 2021, the readership of organized labor and the rightful unions stood firm for a higher increment in the 2022 salary.

What percentage is the 2022 salary increment?


The unions make a request indicating a 15 percent increment of salary for their workers this year but the government agreed on reducing it to 4 percent but finally increasing it to a final consensus of 7 percent for government workers.

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