Salaries of Journalists in Ghana 2023

Salaries of Journalists in Ghana

Salaries of Journalists in Ghana

Journalism is one of the most stressful work under the sun. Keep in mind that becoming a journalist comes with a lot of sacrifice and dedication to humanity. The job is spread across all areas of humans so that information can be gathered and reported.

What does journalism cover?

Journalism covers a lot of fields. Journalism covers all spheres of life. It entails discovering and understanding what is happening, whether it is a crime, a financial crisis, war, a clothing trend, an educative program, a rock concert, cultural displays, or annual celebrations ( eg: Year of Return) among others.

The journalists outdoors all eyes and ears appearing as news for the general populace’s consumption. Their reports are engaging stories to the audience that sees the relevance of it.

How long would you study as a journalist?

Journalists study degree courses for four (4) years at the university. They are awarded BA at the end of their studies.

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Some universities will offer a one-year placement, while others will encourage short-term work placements.

Which group of journal journalists earn higher salaries?

The group of journalists that earns higher salary is the Senior-level reporters, and correspondents including news analysts. Those groups of media journalists are believed to earn higher highest salaries from journalism.

How much is a journalist paid in Ghana?

Journalists in Ghana are paid greatly as high as thousands of GH¢ monthly. In estimation, they earn GH¢5,310.00 monthly average.

Their salaries range from GH¢2,490.00 to GH¢8,380.00. It includes housing, transport, and other benefits related to their work.

How much do TV presenters get paid in Ghana?

In Ghana, TV Presenters are paid between GH¢5,000 to GH¢10,000 monthly.

Professors in the field are paid an estimated salary that will not exceed GH¢222,000 annually.

What increases the salary of journalists in Ghana?

The salary of journalists is influenced by varied factors experience, skills, gender, or location.

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