2023 Salary Payment Date For Government Workers

By | December 14, 2022
2023 Salary Payment Date For Government Workers

2023 Salary Payment Date For Government Workers

The Controller and Accountant-General has released the salary payment dates for government workers ahead of 2023.

In a notice served, Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, the Controller and Accountant-General said, Salaries and Wages of Civil Servants, the Ghana Education Service, and all other Public Servants which are paid by his Department will commence payment in 2023 on the following dates.


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Per the notice, banks will start crediting the accounts of employees from the dates indicated below.

Also, employees are informed that any changes to the dates below will be communicated to the Ministries Department, Agencies, Assemblies, and respective banks for any inconvenience sake.


  1. January -24th
  2. February -24th
  3. March -28th
  4. April -25th
  5. May -26th
  6. June -27th
  7. July -27th
  8. August -25th
  9. September -26th
  10. October -25th
  11. November -24th
  12. December -20th

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